Saturday, October 23, 2010

Homework and Home

Dialogue with one of my kids: "Dad, why don't you do your homework at home?" My reply: "Huh, what did you say? I couldn't hear you over the raging battle on Call of Duty."

I have a number of places where I like to do my homework; home is not one of them. This does not mean that I would not love to do all my studying at home. College homework can take a lot of time: reading, writing, researching. Being away from family can be a lonely experience. I cannot imagine having a job that required being away from home for days at a time - all throughout the year.

In deciding to go back to school, my wife and I both knew that, besides COD, there are more than enough things around the house to put my ADD in overdrive and my willpower to shame. I need an environment conducive to my learning style. A man might call his home a castle, but he cannot expect his family to make it a library. Yet, what I need is a relatively quiet place with few distractions and temptations.

I have been blessed with an understanding family. They support and put up with my adventures as an overgrown college kid. For me, school can be a lot of work, and doing well carries extra pressure when others are depending on you to suceed.

Sometimes though, being a student gives me a bit more flexibility in my day to be available for special times with my family. These are times to keep things in perspective and treasure the ones I love.

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